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Lynch, Dr. W. H.

Dr. W. H. Lynch, veterinary surgeon, with headquarters at the O. K. livery barn, is a graduate of the Chicago Veterinary College. He located in Ottawa one year ago, coming highly recommended as a practitioner, and since locating, has convinced … Continue reading

Baxter, Dr. W. T.

Dr. W. T. Baxter is a resident veterinary surgeon of 30 years practice in this city. All surgery and dentistry necessary to be performed on stock is a specialty, and the those ailments are given his careful attention, with the … Continue reading

Ottawa Vault and Construction Co.

The growth and advancement of Ottawa in all branches and lines of trade has been little less than marvelous during the last decade. She has grown forward with rapid strides and built up great enterprises that have made her famous … Continue reading

Sessions, E. P.

E. P. Sessions, the popular undertaker, succeeded the firm of Kuhn & Sessions but recently and will continue business at the old stand at 106 South Main street. There is no class of men who have so difficult a task … Continue reading

Crumley, John

John Crumley has undertaking rooms at 123 Main street in this city, where all coffins, caskets, burial robes, suits and fixtures are promptly supplied on demand. The assortment is always large and complete. A fine hearse is owned in connection. … Continue reading

White Front Restaurant

 Mrs. M. S. McCall is proprietress of this restaurant for ladies and gentlemen at 226 North Main street. It was established in 1906 and specializes meals, short orders, etc. A rooming house is operated in connection. A fine line of … Continue reading

Boston Store

The Boston Store in Ottawa possesses advantages as a bargain house, well known to those who have been patrons the past three years, but probably unknown to many who will read of them for the first time in this special … Continue reading

Natural Cure Sanitarium

No finer object lesson in the possibilities of a sanitarium conducted on sound business principles of energy, practicability and science could be found that the Natural Cure Sanitarium, whose elegant and finely equipped quarters are located at 128 North Locust … Continue reading

Flack, L. H.

L. H. Flack has charge of the Singer sewing machine office, 129 South Main street, this city. He informs us that more of the singer machines are in use in Ottawa than of any other make. Mr. Flack has been … Continue reading

Brandel, Carl and Co.

Carl Brandel & Co. own and conduct a splendid shoe store at 306 South Main street. Their stock presents the most fashionable and attractive patterns of footwear, both stylish and substantial. This firm succeeded B. A. Anderson, May, 1897, and … Continue reading