Sessions, E. P.

E. P. Sessions, the popular undertaker, succeeded the firm of Kuhn & Sessions but recently and will continue business at the old stand at 106 South Main street. There is no class of men who have so difficult a task to perform as the undertaker. When the grim monster, death, enters the home and hearts are bowed in sorrow, it is no small matter for the undertaker to perform his duties with credit to himself and satisfaction to those closely interested. In this time of need there is no one to whom we can turn to with a greater degree of confidence that to Mr. Sessions. Then there are many cases that require greater skill than is possessed by the ordinary undertaker and it becomes necessary to have a practical, experienced and skilled embalmer. Mr. Sessions has had much experience in embalming, and being by education a good anatomist, he is peculiarly fitted for the difficult operations sometimes necessary in preserving the body. The responsibility of a funeral director and embalmer is very great and only the most thorough and practical should be consulted. We know of none who deserves the confidence of the people to a greater degree than Mr. Sessions. His stock of burial cases, coffins and caskets and sundries is complete and sold at reasonable prices. He has a fine hearse for the use of his customers. Mr. Sessions is a plain, unassuming gentleman and free from ostentatious display, but it is skill and a thorough knowledge of his profession that should be taken into consideration.

Source: Ottawa Daily Republican Sep 5-9, 1898

Name of Business: Sessions, E. P.

Current Address: 106-108 S Main

Persons: Sessions

Additional Assoc. Persons: Kuhn

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