Franklin County Sheriffs

Franklin County Sheriffs
Compiled by Louis Reed from election records
*Indicates that there is information in FCHS Biographical Files.
+Indicates a photo in FCHS Photo Files.

Richard Golding (Pro-Slavery Party, appointed August 25, 1855 by the territorial
legislature, resigned June 1856)
Buel Baker (Pro-Slavery Party, appointed by Governor Wilson Shannon July 19, 1856 to
replace Golding)
Charles L. Robbins*+, 1859-1860
Hugh A. Cook*+, 1860-1962
Charles L. Robbins*+, 1962-1866
Richard E. Jenness*+, 1866-1870
Charles L. Robbins*++, 1870-1872
Richard E. Jenness*+, 1872-1876
William O. Pickrell*, 1876-1880
Thomas F. Westfall*, 1880-1884
John N. “Curly” Harrison*+, 1884-1886
J. N. Bell*, 1886-1890
James A. Elwell*+, 1890-1894
Fred Gault, 1894-1896
David S. Church*, 1896-1900
Solomon P. Costigan*+, 1900-1905
William R. Cody+, 1905-1909
William P. Latimer*+, 1909-1913
Nick Johnson*, 1913-1917
William S. “Billy” Barnett*+, 1917-1921
Elvie Allison, 1921-1925
C. E. Wright, 1925-1929
Lewis C. Geiger+, 1929-1933
William Alan Wantland+, 1933-1935
Olin C. Minckley+, 1935-1939
Harry G. Cochrane+, 1939-1943
Roy B. Church*+, 1943-1947
Virgil M. “Pete” Kinnison+, 1947-1951
John E. “Jack” O’Neal*+, 1951-1955
A. Jay Brown+, 1955-1959
Max R. Gilmore+, 1959-1963
Joe Ferns+, 1963-1973
Lewis Ashcraft, 1973-1975
Rex A. Bowling*+, 1975-2001
Craig A. Davis*+, 2001-2010
Jeffry D. Curry*+, 2010-2013
Jeff Richards*+, 2013-

Slide show of photos of Franklin County Sheriffs.  We would love to add to this if anyone has photos that we could scan.

Who are these people?  We think that he may be an early Franklin County Sheriff.  Some think it may be Charles L. Robbins; others aren’t so sure. See first photo in the slide show for comparison. If you can positively identify this couple for us, please contact us.
Robbins maybe

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