Audio and Video

Of or used in the transmission, reception, or reproduction of sound and/or moving images.

Audio from Franklin County

Day is Dying in the West 2003 audio of Westminster Presbyterian Choir (Janie Kuehn Hainlein, conducting) singing “Day is Dying in the West.” The lyrics for this hymn were written by Mary Artemisia Lathbury (1841-1913) and the music, called “Chautauqua” was written by William Fiske Sherwin in 1877.  Sherwin was the first musical director of the Fair Point Chautauqua in Chautauqua County, New York and was an employee of the New England Conservatory of Music.  He, as well as many others of the staff of the “Mother” Chautauqua traveled to Ottawa to share their talents with the “Second Chautauqua” in Ottawa.  Sherwin held choir rehearsals in the grandstand at Forest Park, and the hymn was premiered at the Ottawa assembly.

Video from Franklin County

The Lamb Films   The Franklin County Historical Society owns a number of videos which Harold J. Lamb, a local mortician, filmed with a home movie camera in 1936-’37-’38.  The films were given to the society by John H. Lamb, Harold’s son.  The FCHS had the film cleaned in Hollywood and transferred originally to VHS and later to a digital format, and the movies are shown at the Old Depot Museum’s audio-visual room.  Here are some pieces from the Lamb silent films:

Ottawa Drum & Bugle Corps  The award-winning Ottawa Drum & Bugle Corps sponsored by the Warren Black American Legion post is seen in Ottawa, in Lawrence at the KU football stadium, and in a parade in downtown Wichita.

1937 flagpole dedication The flagpole north of Carnegie Cultural Center (Ottawa Library’s location at that time) near Fifth & Main ST is dedicated May 12, 1937 by the Daughters of Union Veterans.  Civil War veterans and the famous American Legion Drum & Bugle Corps are seen, as well as a segment shot with color film–expensive and rare at this time.

Ransom Memorial Hospital babies born in 1936   The hospital was only a few years old when Lamb was taking pictures, and annually it held a party for all the mothers and babies born there that year, trying to tempt other mothers into having their children at RMH.

1930’s Snow Scenes Around Ottawa   The ’30s were hot and dry, but it snowed some, too.  Harold Lamb captured some of the white stillness with his camera.

World War I Vets Receiving Bonus Checks  Veterans of World War I lobbied Congress to issue bonuses for their service.  Funds were to be distributed in 1945, but the Depression led to massive unemployment, and veterans urged an earlier issue date.  In 1936, bonds were issued and were available at federal sites such as post offices and the Civilian Conservation Corps camp northwest of town.  Veterans are seen in this video having their bonds processed at the Ottawa post office on 2nd and Hickory and at the C.C.C. camp.

Summertime Parade in 1930s Ottawa  This south-moving parade is viewed from the 400 block of south Main Street and showcases the Ottawa Drum & Bugle Corps, local bands, and various members of local veterans groups, both men’s and women’s.

Ottawa Firemen of the 1930s  The local firemen demonstrate their fire vehicles and their skilled driving near the now-demolished Walnut Street fire station.

Dr. and Mrs. Davis Sail to Honolulu  Dr. Jepthae Davis and his wife set sail for Honolulu from a West Coast port.  In the crowd sending them off with streamers and cheers can be seen members of the Harold Lamb family and the Ransom Bennett, Sr. family.

Miscellaneous Videos:

Ottawa’s 1961 Kansas Centennial Parade  Ted and Lois Smith of Pomona took these home movies of the Kansas Centennial Parade in 1961.

Christmas In the Cabin  This amateur video features a production of the 18-minute play “Christmas In the Cabin” written by William B. Bennett and Deborah Barker.

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