Natural Cure Sanitarium

No finer object lesson in the possibilities of a sanitarium conducted on sound business principles of energy, practicability and science could be found that the Natural Cure Sanitarium, whose elegant and finely equipped quarters are located at 128 North Locust Street. This sanitarium has been very popular for the past seventeen years and has been instrumental in curing effectually: Stomach, kidney, bladder and muscular ailings. The treatments are entirely different from those usually found in the various institutions owing to the treatment, equipment, experience and knowledge of the operators. Twenty-three finely furnished rooms are at the disposal of the public and owing to the large number of testimonials on hand from various parts of the country attesting to the excellence and permanent benefit of this treatment, it would be to the interest of anyone complaining of rheumatism, constipation or any disease where Uric acid deposits are found in the system, to call at this place or communicate with the management. This sanitarium has lately installed the Violet Rays Electrical Cabinet. With this method of Radiation and Reflection they produced the Violet Rays 4000 times greater than the violet rays of the sun, and yet so gentle that the patient feels only the effect of relaxation with profuse perspiration. This Electrical Sweat is good for almost any disease, either of muscles, blood or skin. They have just recently cured three cases of Herpes Zoster (shingles) in a surprisingly short time. This treatment is the finest thing on earth when followed by one of their treatments for La Grippe in any form. The terms per treatment are $1.00. Five assistants are on hand at all times, especially catering to the desires and wants of the patrons. Mrs. Etta Semple, the proprietress, was born and raised in Illinois and previous to taking charge of this sanitarium she taught school. She followed this work for a long term of years, and owing to her scientific knowledge and thorough practical course, has treated ailings, obtaining results where the best known physicians were unable to help the patient. She is a woman of pleasing personality and respectfully solicits a call to this finely equipped and well appointed sanitorium.

Source: Ottawa Kansas Souvenir c. 1909-10

Name of Business: Natural Cure Sanitarium

Current Address: 128 N Locust

Date Business Began: c1893

Persons: Semple, Etta Mrs

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