Peoples’ National Bank, The

The Peoples’ National Bank was organized in 1871. Capital is $50,000; surplus, $10,000; undivided profits, $5,000; and deposits average $250,000. Active officers are J. P. Harris, president; S. B. Rohrbaugh, vice president; Peter Shiras, cashier; W. B. Kiler, assistant cashier; F. M. Shiras, second assistant cashier; and R. A. Harris, teller. Owners and operators of this bank are so well and favorably known for integrity and stability that the Peoples’ National has been placed in and maintains a position among the leading financial institutinos of the west. enjoying the unbounded confidence of the public.

Source: Ottawa Daily Republican Sep 5-9, 1898

Name of Business: Peoples' National Bank, The

Current Address: 135 S Main

Date Business Began: 1871

Persons: Harris, J. P.

Additional Assoc. Persons: Rohrbaugh, S. B., Shiras, Peter, Kiler, W. B., Shiras, F. M., Harris, R. A.

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