Ottawa Steam Laundry

The Ottawa Steam Laundry, located at 113 North Main street, has been owned and conducted by John Z. Clark the past three years. During this ownership, new machinery has been added and in its present location, in a room 25×140 feet, all modern facilities are supplied for turning out a grade of laundry work second in excellence to that of no other plant in the state. This laundry has sixteen agencies and employs thirteen hands in its operations. A perceptible increase in home patronage is noted, especially since the improved conveniences the past year, and Mr. C.ark is encouraged thereby to continue his efforts to maintain for our people one of the city’s most commendable industries. He should be patronized to a still greater extent by those who favor home enterprise, for institutions employing labor and dispensing wages at home among the merchants, count most in building up our city and maintaining a healthful growth.

Source: Ottawa Daily Republican Sep 5-9, 1898

Name of Business: Ottawa Steam Laundry

Current Address: 113 N Main

Date Business Began: 1895

Persons: Clark, John Z.

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