Franklin County State Bank

Guided, managed and upheld by citizens of sterling worth, integrity, and wealth thoroughly describes the Franklin County State Bank. The history since its inception in 1906 has been a steady advancement along lines of conservatism and good judgement and its almost phenominal growth gives assurance of its popularity among the individuals and business institutions of our city. The bank is equipped with all the latest facilities for conducting a general banking business. Safety deposit boxes, fire proof and burglar proof vaults afford the utmost safety to its patron’s deposits and the storage of valuables against loss by fire or burglars. The broad liberal policy pursued by the management of this instituion, its readiness at all times to meet all legitimate requirements of its numerous clients and patrons, its steady and progressive manner of enlarging its sphere of usefulness have combined to give, it a leading place among financial institutions of the city. The deposits in this bank are guaranteed under the state guaranty law. The officers of this bank are: E. W. Hume, president; John M. Conard, vice president; M. R. Dick, cashier; Clara Kaiser, assistant cashier. The directors are: E. W. Hume, J. M. Conard, M. R. Dick, Clara Kaiser, R. J. Dick.

Mr. E. W. Hume, the president, was born in Utica, New York, in 1844. He received his education in Grundee county, Illinois, and is the active head of this institution. He is a valued member of the Masons and highly esteemed in this city as one of our public spirited and influential business men.

Mr. J. M. Conard, vice president of the bank, is a man of substantial worth connected with this bank. He is the owner of 1,000 acres of Franklin county’s good dirt and is highly respected in the community.

M. R. Dick, the cashier of the bank, has had nine years successful experience in the banking business.

Miss Clara Kaiser, assistant cashier, has grown up in the community. She has had valuable business experience in the Probate Judge and County Clerk’s office, having served part of a term as Probate Judge. She is regarded as a clever business woman.

Source: Ottawa Kansas Souvenir c. 1909-10

Name of Business: Franklin County State Bank

Current Address: 124 S Main

Date Business Began: 1906

Persons: Hume, E. W.

Additional Assoc. Persons: Conard, John M., Dick, M. R., Kaiser, Clara, Dick, R. J.

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