First National Bank

The First National Bank is one of the institutions of Ottawa whose name has been associated with sound and conservative financial standing, whose years of advancement along safe and substantial lines have earned for them the right to be keeper of hundreds of thousands of dollars, representing the earnings and profits of the business organizations and residents of this city and vicinity. The bank was organized in 1870 and is located at the corner of Second and Main streets. A general banking business is conducted receiving deposits, making collections, negotiating loans, transfering funds, etc. The capital stock of this bank is $100,000, the surplus and undivided profits is $25,000 with deposits of $500,000. The officers of this bank are: F. J. Miller, president; C. A. Smart, vice president; Chas. N. Converse, vice president; V. O. N. Smith, cashier. The directors of this bank are: C. A. Smart, G. F. Kaiser, E. W. Hume, E. T. Thomas, F. J. Miller, W. F. Swift, V. O. N. Smith, A. P. Elder, C. H. Estabrook, and Chas. N. Converse. The members of this bank are among the strongest and most successful business men of the city. They have made a success in life and are not afraid to push their home city. They are enterprising, yet conservative in all their dealings and conduct the affairs of this bank along the same safe and conservative lines that have been responsible for the success of their personal interests.

Source: Ottawa Kansas Souvenir c. 1909-10

Name of Business: First National Bank

Date Business Began: 1870

Persons: Miller, F. J.

Additional Assoc. Persons: Smart, C. A., Converse, Chas. N., Smith, V. O. N., Kaiser, G. F., Hume, E. W., Thomas, E. T., Swift, W. F., Elder, A. P., Estabrook, C. H.

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