First National Bank of Ottawa, The

The First National Bank of Ottawa. The character of its financial institutions is an important factor in establishing abroad a good business reputation for a community. The requisites for a well-conducted banking enterprise are abundant capital and managerial ability, which commands the confidence not only of its immediate patrons, but of all who have occasion to hold commercial intercourse with it. The First National Bank of Ottawa has always been noted for its solidity and conservatism, which, under present and safe management, has successfully mastered all financial storms. The bank was established in 1870, and reorganized in 1890. The first president of this bank was the Hon. P. P. Elder. The present officers are, Horace J. Smith, president; C. P. Skinner, vice president; and G. C. Smith, cashier. C. H. Estabrook, one of the directors, is actively employed in the bank. The bank has a paid up capital stock of $100,000, surplus and individed [sic] profits amounting to nearly $12, 000, and deposits averaging about $245,000. Ample funds are at its disposal, and patrons receive every possible accommodation. Of its officers it is unneccesary to make personal mention. In this community, where these gentlemen are known, each is a guarantee of safety and business integrity. Altogether, in public confidence, in capital endowment, in official equipment and in the wide range of correspondents, this banking house is so well and firmly organized and established, that the whole people impose implicit confidence in its safety, and in its ability and willingness to meet every obligation with the punctuality of time.

Source: Ottawa Daily Republican Sep 5-9, 1898

Name of Business: First National Bank of Ottawa, The

Current Address: 136 S Main

Date Business Began: 1870

Persons: Elder, P. P.

Additional Assoc. Persons: Smith, Horace J., Skinner, C. P., Smith, G. C., Estabrook, C. H.

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