Monthly Archives: April 2013

Star Steam Laundry

The Star Steam Laundry, located at 418 Main St., was established in 1902 and every year since that time has marked an increase in the volume of business conducted, until today a number of wagons and eleven employees are constantly … Continue reading

Parsons Cable Lightning Rod Co.

Parsons Cable Lighting Rod Co. is represented in Ottawa by Mr. Geo. F. Mullen the company’s general manager, who has had many years experience, not only in developing the best method of protecting property from destruction by the mysterious fluid, … Continue reading

Bodley, C. S.

Nothing has been left out that goes to make a complete livery by Mr. Bodley, proprietor of the well appointed livery stable located at 201-7 East Second St. This stable has been under this management since 1904, and at present … Continue reading

Cannon Ball Livery, Sale and Feed Stable

C. F. Avenarius is proprietor of the “Cannon Ball” Livery, Sale and Feed Stable, located at 118 and 120 East Second street. This stable is first class in all appointments, furnishing the finest turnouts, promptly, on all occasions. One of … Continue reading

Hotel de Hoss

“Hotel de Hoss” is the more or less euphonious name of S. A. Hester’s livery barn at 509 and 511 South Main street. It is indeed a comfortable hotel for horses, being of brick, warm and comfortable, floors, stalls and … Continue reading

Humphrey, J. G.

J. G. Humphrey has a popular harness shop and saddlery, located at 112 East Second street. His display of goods is very complete, including harness, saddles, robes, whips, pads, and everything carried in the harness line. Substantial, hand made harness … Continue reading


QUILTY’S Horse, Mule and Cattle market, located at 225 North Main street, is one of the principal enterprises of our city. Mr. Quality handles cattle on commission and last year his transactions in this line amounted to $55,000. Mules and … Continue reading

Turner, J. L.

J. L. Turner is proprietor of a well kept livery, feed, sale and boarding stable at 113 West Second street. A livery convenience is an essential of every close community. Good and well trained horses, easy vehicle and careful drivers … Continue reading

Wilson’s Livery Barn and Merchant’s Delivery

Mr. F. M. Wilson is the proprietor and active head of the livery barn located at 103-5 North Main Street, and the Merchant’s Delivery System with quarters at the same location. This delivery system is one of the most modern … Continue reading

Harris, Milo R.

Carrying an immense and varied stock, doing a large business annually and employing modern and progressive methods, this widely known lumber and building material firm located at the corner of Fourth and Walnut St., occupies a leading position among similar … Continue reading