Mexican-American Railroad Workers


1920 Franklin County KS Census — Hispanic Surnames (Word)

1920 Franklin County KS Census — Hispanic Surnames (PDF)

1930 Franklin County KS Census — Hispanic Surnames (PDF)

1930 Franklin County KS Census — Hispanic Surnames (Word)


See also Themes/Transportation/Railroads in Franklin County /Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad for transcriptions of payrolls from various dates.  These were copied at the Kansas Historical Society in 2009 and provide a view of the arrival of Hispanic-surnamed workers after 1905.

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  1. Linda quinonez says:

    Interest in the mexicans working the railroads

  2. jose francisco garcia rios says:

    Greetings, I am a board member and community historian with the Mexican American historical Society of the Midlands, with an office in Omaha, Nebraska. I was led to your web site by an interest I have documenting the Mexican and Mexican American presence in Nebraska-Kansas-Missouri states. Noticing a comment about an exhibit based on this wonderful slide presentation, is there one to be seen?

    Serving as a Board Trustee of the Nebraska State Historical Society, I am very interested in developing a presentation reflecting the northern migration into the Midlands and resultant population of Mexican laborers along the right-of-way of the ATSF/BN and the Union Pacific Railroads. Your wonderful slide show is a gem and warms the cockles of my heart! Thanks so much for posting this wonderful story. I hope to visit Ottawa in the very near future……..

    • rufusg says:

      Mr. Garcia-Rios–

      Thanks for your kind words about our project. If you will send me your email, I will be glad to share with you a panel of a recent exhibit on railroad workers and some photos of families visiting it.

      Deborah Barker (

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