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Trump, F. A.

Eitner, Karl

Claiborn, G. R.

Smith, Gregory

Corwin, E. H.

E. H. Corwin, the photographer, located here 12 years ago. His splendid photographic rooms are 209 South Main street. He has worked at this profession since the close of our civil war, and has kept abreast of the times in … Continue reading

Frink, Miss Maude

The studio of Miss Frink at 226 South Main St., over Davenport’s store suggests the true artistic spirit in its equipment and fittings, with spacious reception rooms and hung with beautiful samples of the photographic art, presenting a picture of … Continue reading

Gatch, W. M.

W. M. Gatch, the photographer, located here in 1874. He was a soldier and photographer in the army during the early sixties. Having kept abreast of the times in all novelties in the art, it is needless to add that … Continue reading

Smith’s Gallery

Smith’s Gallery or “Photo Car” on West Second street is the only gallery in Ottawa that makes 16 pictures for 25 cents. Mr. G. H. Smith came to Ottawa about three years ago, and from his splendid apparatus has produced … Continue reading

McClenahan and Ricksecker

Beckman, Fred