[nggallery id=87] Old Christmas Photos: click to read captions and follow arrows to advance through the images.

Newer Christmas Photos: [nggallery id=88]  Click on first image to read captions.

Transcription of scanned newspaper article: “Christmas was Rude to County’s Settlers” by John Mark Lambertson

“Christmas Day 1944: A World War II Remembrance” by Ottawan Richard L. Greiner

See also “Christmas in the Cabin” video in “Types of Materials/Audios and Videos/”Christmas in the  Cabin.”  This is an 18-minute play based on the lives of two early Franklin Countians, Catherine Dietrich and Emaline Gentry.

2 Responses to Christmas

  1. art davis says:

    Do you have any information on the image titled “Stoltz Christmas tree”?

    • rufusg says:

      We have at least three photos of the Stoltz family. In the Christmas one, the young man standing at the doorway is Andrew Volk, either a nephew or an apprentice; Seated on chairs, left is Mary Stoltz holding baby Margaret, Fred is holding little Ferdinand; on the floor is, left to right, Willie,
      Elizabeth and Marie.

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