Melluish, F.

F. Melluish, jeweler and optician, is the “pioneer of pioneers” in the mercantile business in Ottawa. He has been in business in Ottawa continuously since 1867. He is a native of England, spent five years in the city of New York and 14 years in Bloomington, Ill., in business before coming to Ottawa. The stock of jewelry, watches, clock, silverware, cut glass and optical goods, is without question one of the largest in the state of Kansas. The interior arrangement of the store is one of the finest in the west. The fixtures are all of walnut of exquisite design and workmanship. There are about 1,500 lineal feet of glass and mirrors in the fixtures. Mr. Melluish has had an experience of 60 years at the bench as a watchmaker, and is probably the oldest watchmaker in active work at the bench in the country. Dr. A. W. Melluish has the practical management of the establishment and is an optician of rare ability. He is a graduate of The New York School of Optics and was a pupil and associate of Dr. C. A. Bucklin, one of the most noted specialists in America. He was late surgeon of the New York Eye, Ear and Throat Institute, late opthalmic surgeon to the Northwestern Dispensary, was inventor of the Opthalmascopic Test Lenses, the Polariscopic Pebble Tester and other valuable apparatus for testing diseases of the eye, and author of several valuable treatises and text books. Dr. Melluish thoroughly understands the anatomy of the eye and can fit glasses that will supply the needs and defects of vision in persons who require the services of an expert optician. He makes a specialty of prescription work. Fred Melluish is an energetic young man, and owns the boat house and pleasure boats at the park as well as being a valuable assistant at the store.

Source: Ottawa Daily Republican Sep 5-9, 1898

Name of Business: Melluish, F.

Current Address: 316 S Main

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