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Humphrey, J. G.

Liggett, J. H.

Neff, George

We notice that the building opposite Whetstone & Davis’ new block, lately occupied by Heck & Nix, has been converted into a saddle and harness shop by Mr. George Neff, lately from Bloomington, Ill. He thinks that as the Normal Institute … Continue reading

Humphrey, J. G.

J. G. Humphrey has a popular harness shop and saddlery, located at 112 East Second street. His display of goods is very complete, including harness, saddles, robes, whips, pads, and everything carried in the harness line. Substantial, hand made harness … Continue reading

Furness, George

Schaerer, L. C.

Starling, T. H.

Harris, Wm.

Murphy E. and W.

Ready, J. F.